Golden Slew

1999 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion, 16.3 hands
Sire: Seattle Slew, Triple Crown winner, Leading Sire
Dam:  Golden Bri, G1 Stakes winner of $516K

Golden Slew, Thoroughbred stallion son of Seattle Slew.
Golden Slew after breeding season in 2015. He is 16 years old in this photo.


If you are looking for a stallion who can add size, substance, correct conformation, speed and an excellent mind to your mare’s next foal, please consider breeding to Golden Slew.

Slew arrived here in February, 2014.  He’d spent his entire stud career down south, so his good natured disposition had a lot to do with making what must have been a big transition for him.  There are a lot of outstanding things about this horse but his mind is the best trait of all.

This horse is big,  He’s 16.3 and is over 1400 pounds.  He’s got lots of foot and bone, and lots of muscle.  His feet are a #3.  Everything about him says power.

He’s also gorgeous.  Everyone who sees him comments on how well-put together he is.  Nothing is out of proportion.

Slew has been, with limited foals, a successful Thoroughbred racehorse sire.  He is listed by Bloodhorse magazine as 2015’s number #1 sire standing in Montana.  His foals have lifetime earnings over $500,000.

While we are certainly interested in breeding our area’s good Thoroughbred mares, obviously that is not our focus as a breeding program.  So why bring a 16.3 Thoroughbred stallion into a barrel horse program?

Golden Slew - Own Son of Seattle Slew
Golden Slew just a few minutes after he stepped off the transport in Montana

Simple.  A good horse is a good horse.  And this is a really good horse.  He’s an athlete. His conformation is outstanding.  His shoulder is as good as you’ll ever see.  His pedigree is extraordinary.  His disposition is amazing.

It’s hard not to love a really good Thoroughbred.  Good Thoroughbreds have brought important qualities to the Quarter Horse breed since the beginning.  We think Slew will make those kind of contributions to our program. We can already see a pasture full of his daughters . . . .

Golden Slew’s pedigree is remarkable from many angles.  Just his sire and his dam together won over $1.7 million on the track.  His sire’s foals have won over $84.5 million.  Seattle Slew’s stud fees ranged from $800K in his prime to $300K in his later 20’s when his health concerns represented breeding risk.  Those kind of numbers are just hard to comprehend when you have been in the QH and Paint business but we are excited to bring the blood of that class of horse to eastern Montana and to our program.

While of course Seattle Slew is famous for having won the classic distance Triple Crown races, his breeding included solid sprinter credentials and his first stakes win was in a sprint.  He also became a noted sprint sire himself.   Golden Slew has a dosage profile of:  DP = 13-1-12-2-0 (28) DI = 2.50   CD = 0.89 which indicates a solid pedigree of speed in addition to ability at longer distances.

Golden Slew - Thoroughbred Stallion - Own Son of Seattle Slew
Golden Slew – Thoroughbred Stallion – Own Son of Seattle Slew. Snapshot taken at age 15.

Check out his complete catalog style pedigree here.  This link is to a pdf file which should open in a new window or a new tab.

Golden Slew catalog style pedigree 5-4-2014

Slew’s TB foals have won over a half million dollars in earnings.  Click on the link below to open a sire record record is here:



Bold Reasoning  G1 Winner
SW $189K, ntr at 6F Reason to Earn
Seattle Slew
Triple Crown Winner, Leading Sire Poker
My Charmer  G1W, Leading Broodmare sire
Exceptional producer Fair Charmer
Mr Prospector
Gold Alert  Leading Sire
 multiple G3 winner Croquis
Golden Bri
G1 Winner, $516K Briartic
Princess Bri  won stakes age 2-5
 SPW, G! Producer Princess Axe
 SW Producer


Stud Fee:  $1500 with considerations, approved mares of all breeds welcome.

Mare care:  $10/day dry and $12/day with foal

Here’s some photos of Slew’s foals.